Mark Liesch
Taxation and Audit

Formal Qualifications:
B.Bus, Registered Company Auditor
Professional Memberships:

Mark Liesch is currently the longest standing Director of the firm. He joined the ranks in 1978 as an office junior and began his formal university studies shortly after. He became a Director in 2000 and is the only team member currently on staff who worked alongside our founding partners, Mr McConachie and Mr Stedman.

Mark is our Audit Review Director and is one of very few Registered Company Auditors within our region. He is known for his down-to-earth approach and his high level of technical expertise in taxation and audit. Mark works closely with primary producers, deceased estates, SME’s and the hospitality industry.

On the weekends, Mark can be found watching his beloved Garden City Raiders play. His family has had over 15 years involvement with the club and Mark is the current Treasurer.