Re-contribution of COVID-19 early release super amounts

Individuals can now re-contribute amounts they withdrew under the COVID-19 early release of super program without the re-contribution counting towards their non-concessional contributions cap.

These contributions can be made between 1 July 2021 and 30 June 2030.

Individuals can make COVID-19 re-contribution amounts to any fund of their choice where the funds' rules allow.

If a person wishes to make a COVID-19 re-contribution, they need to provide the approved form to notify their fund of the re-contribution.  Any such contribution is treated by the fund as if it is a non-concessional contribution – that is, no contributions tax is payable by the fund.  However, no deduction may be claimed for a COVID-19 re-contribution.

It should be noted that once an amount originally withdrawn under the COVID-19 early release of super program has been re-contributed into a superannuation fund, it will not be able to be released from that fund until the fund member satisfies a condition of release – such as obtaining the age of 65 or having met their preservation age and they have ‘retired’.

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