SMSF for Business Owners

An SMSF can help you own your business premises.

SMSF for Business Owners

SMSFs can offer a number of benefits to owners of businesses.  The main benefits available are for those small business owners who either currently own or are looking to purchase business real property to run their business from.

‘Business real property’ refers to land and buildings used wholly and exclusively in a business.  This can include properties such as factories, offices and even agricultural property.  Unlike residential property, trustees of a SMSF are allowed to purchase the land and buildings from a member or a related party. 

This property can also be leased to a member or a related party.  Regular valuations will be required to ensure that all these related transactions (both purchase and lease transactions to a related party) are at arm’s length or market value.

Once you have either retired or sold your business you can choose to continue to hold the property to earn rental income or sell the property to use the funds for another investment within your SMSF.  Depending on your circumstances, there is potential to make considerable savings by paying little or no capital gains upon the sale of that property.

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